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The Walking Dead Well Walker Full Overhead Mask by Trick Or Treat Studios

Sculpted by Erich Lubatti ...
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The Walking Dead Well Walker Full Overhead Mask by Trick Or Treat Studios
The Walking Dead Well Walker Full Overhead Mask by Trick Or Treat Studios
The Walking Dead Well Walker Full Overhead Mask by Trick Or Treat Studios
The Walking Dead Well Walker Full Overhead Mask by Trick Or Treat Studios
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The Walking Dead Well Walker Full Overhead Mask by Trick Or Treat Studios

Sculpted by Erich Lubatti

Straight from the screen of AMC's The Walking Dead comes one of the most famous Walkers, The Well Walker.

By the Season Two episode "Cherokee Rose", the survivors are learning their way around Hershel's Farm. Dale and T-Dog are talking while pumping water from a well used for the farm's cattle when Dale discovers a Walker has somehow gotten himself trapped at the bottom of the well…wading around in the potentially polluted water. The decision is made to lower Glenn into the well in order to get a rope around the Well Walker so he can be pulled up. However, things don't go quite according to plan and Glenn ends up a dangling morsel for the Well Walker. The other survivors manage to pull Glenn free, but not before Glenn was able to wrangle the Well Walker with his rope. As the Well Walker is pulled to the top of the well, the gang struggles to get him to the surface. Their efforts are wasted, however, as the Well Walker's body gives in to the strain of the effort and is rended in two causing the Walker's legs and torso to fall back into the well.

Still growling and clawing at the grossed-out survivors, they finish the poor creature off.

Sculpted by Erich Lubatti and using hundreds of screen references, the Well Walker Mask looks like it came right off the screen of The Walking Dead!

  Well Walker is a Full Overhead Deluxe Latex Mask, which is sized for an Adult, and reaches all the way to your lower neck.

Dangerzone-Collectibles is proud to be the Official UK Supplier for Trick Or Treat Studios.

The amazing high quality sculptured designs in the Trick Or Treat Studios range, are a must have for any Horror Fan. If you are looking for that perfect addition to your Horror Collection, then these are the Masks for you.

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